AFS always stands on the side of peace.

We strongly support the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calls for “restraint, reason and de-escalation,” and adherence to international law and the UN charter. We are concerned for every person potentially affected by this conflict, but particularly for the millions of young people living in Russia and Ukraine who deserve to live in a just and peaceful world.

It is at times like this that the clarity and importance of the AFS mission is on full display. Our organization was founded during the first World War, and we have worked for over 100 years to build understanding between people in order to avoid future wars. Our Network of 55 AFS Partners is dedicated to continuing the exchange of people and ideas whenever and wherever it is possible to do so, regardless of the political situations that may arise between nations.

That commitment remains stronger than ever today.

AFS has no participants hosted in Ukraine. We are taking all steps to help ensure that our participants are safe and well supported by our highly trained staff and dedicated volunteers.


If you have questions, or concerns about a specific AFS participant please contact us directly.